A note to Anitta, now again.

Kuch Kam Roshan Hai Roshini…

PS: Play this song that I really love while you hear me.

I tried to write it out but it turned out to be difficult, I like to fight that feeling.

We are in school and I was just chilling. Actually, it’s because I had her thoughts yesterday and now she is in my dream. When I accidentally happen to see her, I felt pulled. As if I was laughing and she’d slapped me.

And then, I knew, that it was a dream.

Because it could never happen that I would see her in the school without her permission. It’s like there’s a button in her head wired directly to her emotional paradigm, that, she presses when she doesn’t want me to have a thought about her and so I don’t.

Yo! I’m not blaming her.

Having the luck by chance of seeing her face in my dream, I think she might have missed pressing the button.

Oh, Anitta. You’ve made me lucky, lucky to love you.

PS.: I just have gratitude left with my eyes closed after spending some time of my life with you. Thanks for caring about me.

Have me in your head, I’m on Spotify.

Have me in your heart, I’m on Youtube.

Published by HRishabh Bangarwa

Kabhi Hamare Bhi Yahan Aao Ji.

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