A note to Anitta

I don’t feel great about it. Maybe it’s all over what we felt for each other. And I don’t give up on you, still.

But at least now we both might have fewer chances of a complaint registered in our hearts for each other.

I have no complaints about you. I never had.

I felt myself around you. You were always important in my life, you are.

I know my behavior wasn’t up to your expectations for about these two years, maybe it never will be.

But I don’t feel sorry because I thought I don’t have to hide what I feel from you and I know you want the best for me. But the heart wants what it wants.

I don’t know why I’m writing this to you now but I want you to know and remember that you are loved, you are taken care of, you are who matters. In life, in your life whatever you do I fully support you even if I mean no one to you.

After your kids come out of your womb, I hope they know what you mean for me and that I was a little part of your life.

I hope you are safe wherever you are.
Do what makes you happy.

Take care Anitta.

A friend from the past.


Published by HRishabh Bangarwa

Kabhi Hamare Bhi Yahan Aao Ji.

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