Who are you?


When I was duped by myself.

I’ve been there, where you are completely a different person and you know everything about what’s going on around you but when the truth gets in your way, somewhere you would fall short to explain it to the nib, and honestly, I was someone I never knew I could be. But, I was.

If I actually compare the old me, the one that made others believe that he was perfect at everything and the now me, the one who finds shit equals perfectionism, I am devastated to see the changes that life brought by hook or crook.

Problems with being fake.

While you’re someone else, for a short term you find it compelling to be cool among your peers but in the long run, at one thought, you’ll know that you don’t have that acceptance to fight the odds inside you.

When you’re someone else, you’re not accepting, you are less tolerating and that becomes an apple of discord when you find your thoughts captured in that unsolved cube, your brain.

Famous author and naturalist, Henry David Thoreau, wrote in his book, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” And when their desperation isn’t quiet anymore, people either fall apart or they fall in love with themselves.

What can be the answers!

At a point in your life, you will surely realize the striking need to change yourself to your true self if you’ve been pretending for all the years of your life and that will knock the stuffing out of you. Then, but nothing else, you would surely be present to loathe life.

I, personally feel, we should all be ourselves and not actually let others to decide how we should be and we should never force our thoughts into some semblance but instead look like our insides, the true look of ours.


So, the problem is if we attempt to follow the lead of other people to the point of copying them, we lose our own identity and it can create carbon copies which don’t have the same sparkle. In some ways, we can also become rather boring.

If you feel lost sometimes, know that you are on your way towards finding yourself. Know this, that you’re not alone. That there are people who are suffering just like you, tugging through each day and still fighting their brains out to put reality to their self. 

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Published by HRishabh Bangarwa

Kabhi Hamare Bhi Yahan Aao Ji.

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