No matter, I still love you.

Everyday feels like a different life to live and it becomes a life story to me.
When the night begins you start to talk to me.

Though, during the day you pretend not talking to me, like you’re upset about me caring too much for you .

While the Sun cruzes over, it’s just me speaking to you all the time and then I look at you in the corner of my heart and wait for you to say atleast something even if then you have to say that it’s getting too boring to listen to me. But I master something, patience.

Steward means guardian in some way.

The moon is our steward now. So with that life story in my heart, I climb up on the roof and, I see: you’re already there. See, that’s what I had patience for.

Although you live in the same part of my heart from where the fact comes that my heart has shrunken half . But you have no idea what’s going on around you.

See, that’s how much I care for you. And you still keep muting yourself during the day.
No matter, I still love you.

We sit side by side on the roof, holding hands, and I speak how I did manage to live the day with you, that wordless girl.
I realize only then that I am feeling like a baby who has just started to communicate with words or that numb who hasn’t spoken in a lifetime.

I tell you that I fell while I was sweaping the bathroom floor and then looked up to check if anyone saw me or not. I laughed at myself,later.
I tell you that I tried writing a letter for you, and I scrunched it up because it had teardrop marks.

I also tell you, how I always try to dance and sway side to side with you while the sabji(word for vegetable in Hindi) takes time to cook. And after all that long hours of cooking, I don’t feel hungry.

But, I eat thoughts about you while you are out for shopping or buying slippers for me. When you are back heart; sorry back home, I tell you to sanitize your hands and you move your eyes slightly towards me, telling me with those eyes that you’re smarter than me because you already washed them.

I feel somewhere in disguise, that atleast I hear your voice when you outsmart me.

Ab koi gham nahi.

Now, it’s almost two hours we’ve been listening to me and I see she’s already loosen up her hand, for the fact that now it’s just me holding our hands together, I hold them even tighter.

Throughout the time I believe that she looks so adorable when she is sleeping on my shoulder, she wakes up and asks me whom had I written that letter for.
I grin, unless I want to feel that hole in my heart, the one that I always feel on festivals.

I kiss her head and hold her in my arms to take her down to her bed, the one in the corner of my heart.

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No matter what, I love you people. Please take care of yours and others too.

Published by HRishabh Bangarwa

Kabhi Hamare Bhi Yahan Aao Ji.

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