If You Seek To Break Free, Close Your Eyes And Count To Three

(Pro tip: I’ve been using it since I learned how to stay calm, always.)


It’s so simple! I know, right!
Who knew breaking free could be as easy as counting from one, two, and three? You just did it, didn’t you? Congratulations!

Now what’s left is for you to do it once more, but this time, you need to sync the inner with the outer. And by, that I mean to pay no mind to the noise of the outside.

Instead, flowing with what is transpiring around you and become one.
Only focus on yourself as the singular point of contact. You might be wondering how to do that. Well, let me guide you.

First things first, sit in a comfortable position.

Did you sit down?

Ok,  good.

If that is out of our way. Let us close our eyes. Now I want you to hear and feel what is happening around you. Let yourself become a stationary object blending in within the noise.

Imagine yourself connecting with the noise around you. Feel how your body receives the different sensations as you sit in this position.

Breathe gently three times. Inhale and exhale deeply with each breath. I want you to either say a prayer or think good thoughts during each release.

Think about something you want to get done. Or something that might add joy to your life. Let the happiness flow through your smile, and then exhale all the negative energy bottled up inside.

Repeat it as many times as you like. But for this example, let us do it three times.

Remember that when you channel your breathing. It helps you to relax as well as find control within yourself. It is a great technique that helps your muscles relax. And your mind follows the process in sync.

Practice this whenever you feel stressed. Or experiment with it as how you like.

Afterward, when you finish.
I want you to stand back up, take a deep breath, channeling all that peace, and converting it into a bright cheer, congratulating yourself.

Say, “I am proud of you, my beautiful self.”

This will allow you to wear the energy from within, and it will inadvertently change your entire mood.

I often use this technique whenever I wake up from chronic fatigue.
I use this channeling method to surround myself with as much positive energy, I can muster.

And usually, when I wake up, I go around the home and say my duly salutations to everyone awake. Mostly it is followed by a tight handshake and hug with a cheeky smile.

This changes the entire atmosphere and adds joy to everyone’s life.

I hope you too can reap the benefits of this handy method of experiencing peace.
Remember you can break free, and it’s easy as counting from 1 to 3. 😉

Stay Blessed and Stay Safe!

(By Riku Arikiri)

Start breaking free,                                                                                            SomeoneFromUniverse.

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