‘Jiya’ Jaaye Na

Itni koshishein tere liye nahi
Teri aawaaz ke liye…

Teri tasveer h paas… Dill ke kone me…
Uss raat….jab tu hasti thi ek pregnant lady(m) pr… Vo tasveer mera har ehsaas h… Har baar ek nayi baat h…

Bs teri aawaaz kho baitha hoon
Koi gham nahi bas teri yaad me hoon

Kisiki aankhon me tu nazar aati h
Teri nazron me meri baat kahan…?

Teri muskaan to zinda h mere khayalon me
magar khayalon me aawaaz kahan

Teri aawaaz sunne ko betaab hoon
Iss andaaz ka kya khyaal tumhe..

Ab kuch kehna nahi mujhe
Bas tera matha choomna h yahan se

Room 06, Pregnant lady on board.

maybe this is right, maybe wrong just like I don’t care… her jism has nothing to do with this writing but it’s her voice that has everything for my heart right now…

someone from universe
Khuda Hafiz, phir milte hein;                                                                                              SomeonefromUniverse.                                                                                        

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Published by HRishabh Bangarwa

Kabhi Hamare Bhi Yahan Aao Ji.

One thought on “‘Jiya’ Jaaye Na

  1. Namastey(Hi) everybody out there, standing right behind my door to help me stay happy and strong, thank you very very much for letting me know that it matters, that you guys like what my heart pours out, love.

    Thank you for supporting me. Hope you all stay safe wherever you are.

    Close your eyes,


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