“Dill Machak-Machao”

Hil-hil hila diya tere saanson ki khushboo ne

When alone, the wind reaches me and in a pal or so I exactly discover how she is feeling, right away.

Sometimes it’s about the Three Stars she had me see from a school window (tum log to sab jaante ho, tum sab se kya chhipa h) and mostly it’s about her health that I care about (not to mention, but yeah, I do care for her)( mention to kar diya saale kya style maar raha h).

Somewhere there, in the corner you will see me sitting next to her with eyes closed, laughing on her jokes that she puts incessantly on my cheeks.

Believe me not, when you feel something like what I feel, you just don’t get heavy over something and you’re never tired. I mean, everyday, even after not sleeping until 2 in the morning, you still manage to wake up at 6 AM, drink chai, cook for everyone and pack a lunchbox for your brother who doesn’t even know when did your day start. You just want to work, never caring about letting others know that you are the one who did it. You have a million words to say but you say it to yourself and prefer listening others of what they have to say either because you care about them or you don’t give a tatta( shit) about them.

Like always, I feel extremely lucky to have something for her in my heart.

Very grateful to have the wind touch her-touch me and about the feeling that I meet with when I know she is alright and safe wherever she is and that she can fight the odds alone, that she can safeguard herself on her own, that she is bold and has no fears for being judged, and that she is Someone From Universe.

I just have a feeling to see everyone smiling, no matter what.


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Published by HRishabh Bangarwa

Kabhi Hamare Bhi Yahan Aao Ji.

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