Missing kissing your head

   Read it not as if you read it,<>read it as if you feel it 

“If at any time of the day you’re sneezing, remember that I’m thinking just about you. It’s been days I’ve been missing you and wanna see you so badly that now nothing else matters.

the boy who loves your voice

I can tell for now and then that I am missing you more than hell…

I don’t wish anything like I could call you whenever I miss you or I could sit next to you and talk to you every day or that I could hug you to show you how much I care and how much love I have in me for you or I could write you a letter that how empty I feel without you or I could listen to your voice and hug you tight when you want to cry and make you feel better or I could tell you every time you feel dropping that you are a Star and that ‘you shine brighter not just in those dark nights but in the day as well.’

I wish I get to meet you soon, like, very soon.
It doesn’t matter if you forget me and become unable to
recognize me even as someone in your whole life because
I am never gonna forget that I met a Star and
I touched it, I touched its soul.

Ohhhh J, why is it that I am missing you so badly and that
also not all of a sudden, I've been missing you from days.

Oh, where are you my soul Star?
Why can’t I find you?
Why can’t I touch you?
Why can’t I feel you?

                         .........       .........        .........

With hope and love,
HRishabh Hu Mẽin

Finally found you.

“Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.”

You know I always loved you J, it was like we were always together even when we were not. You are always acting the way you really are and you had demands and feelings just like a kid and to feel them everyone would have to become a kid and I, I became someone who took oaths to not let anyone, like no one to hurt you and make you cry. I was always hurt whenever you were not well in any case, rather be it about your feelings being hurt or your heart being broken down. Sitting in those corners in the classroom, I always saw you in time to time to check if you were okay and tears were flowing or not. Even when I was not well, be it mentally or physically, I tried to come to you because you knew I was always up to something and that I was unique( like you said in your letters ). Overall, you always understood or tried to understand me which I loved the most. But somedays were hard to live and not okay to pass on and we fought on those days. No one can shout on me but you always can because you are dearest of all and on those days you always shouted and got angry about me and after saying something sentimental you always ran off of me and never turned back to see what was going on in me but still I knew you were my child and I tried to make you understand… I was always happy about you and I always will be but I just miss you so bad and just wanna hug you tight, so tight to express I never wanna lose you. I might seem strong from the outside( which I am) but I am weak by the heart and I want you to know that I am missing you, always wanna accept you the way you are, and wanna make you strong enough so that you become bold from the inside… with love and love, HR.

“kabhi sapno mei aau to dill me rakh lena mujhe”

I am someone from universe.

Published by HRishabh Bangarwa

Kabhi Hamare Bhi Yahan Aao Ji.

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