How do I survive now?
How do I breathe now?
How is everybody normal in the same room in which I just can’t breathe?
How lost are they in that lecture?
No why, no what,
all I discovered was how and how.

I was missing her.
It is also now that I am crying just while writing this deadly incident, actually an undefined accident.
I am missing her.

That funny lecture and all I had were those sharp needles pinned at my heart.

” I am stuck”; “I wanna get out of here”; ” I want to see her, I just want to see her.”;
those were the thoughts I had when I tried to concentrate on what was going in the class.

I should have told her “what I just went through just to see you, just to have a little glimpse of yours to have my life run for the rest of the day”, this is all I wish now.

I didn’t know where she was or where she can be or how is she or is she missing me too.

Now, all that matters is how nicely I survived all that shit for her and that I DISCOVERED HOW MUCH I LOVE HER AND HOW MUCH SHE MATTERS TO ME, AND TO EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE.

“I want you to know that I can survive a million more hours like this one, just to have a look of yours, just to see a little portion of your beautiful smile and to know that you’re safe wherever you are.”

Sharing heartfelt love to her.

                                     .HRishabh Hu Mẽin.

” 6 hours from now I’ll be sleeping but it doesn’t mean I’m not dreaming in the day.”

.HRishabh Hu Mẽin.

Raise your voice, to help me hear the applause.

Published by HRishabh Bangarwa

Kabhi Hamare Bhi Yahan Aao Ji.

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