10 Scariest Characters In PlayStation Games

The PlayStation is known for having some of the best horror games that introduced us to some of the most terrifying characters we’ve seen in the industry. This was mainly due to Resident Evil, which was largely responsible for the survival horror craze of the time.

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Though survival horror is where many of the PlayStation’s terrifying characters lie, PlayStation has other titles that don’t fit into the survival horror genre but still include some terrifying characters in gaming. Whatever PlayStation games these characters appear in, they are some that will be forever remembered because of how petrifying they look.


10/10 Lady Fujiwara – Kuon

Lady Fujiwara is the second boss of the PlayStation 2 Kuon game. It is one of the harder bosses in the game, as players do not have a lot of magic to rely on this early in the game.

What makes Lady Fujiwara so horrific is that her head is separated from her body, revealing a centipede that creates a long neck between her head and body. This monster will mainly attack the player by flinging its head around and smashing it into the floor.

9/10 Mermaid Princess – Rule Of Rose

The Mermaid Princess boss fight in Rule of Rose is unreal, as a deceased-appearing woman will attack the players. This woman is hung on a rope by her feet and will swing around the map, attacking the players.

Hearing the rope sound effects as she creeps out of the player’s field of vision only to pop back into sight creates a sense of unknowing fear. The noises she expels are crazed and unfitting to the boss’ structure. It’s a fight in a compact room with paranoia releasing from every part of it.

8/10 Adjudicator – Demon Souls Remake

The Adjudicator in the original Demon Souls game already had the players diving into a dark pit to fight a boss with a tongue coming out of a hole where this boss’ head used to be. The Demon Souls remake upgraded the model and took the grotesque factor a step further.

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In the remake, the boss has very few clothes on compared to the armored vest of the original. It is also a lot more detailed, with the tongue looking realistic and the large weight of its body cascading at multiple points. The head is still ripped off, and the beast’s form is nothing less than freakish and unsightly.

7/10 Crimson Kuchisake – Ghostwire: Tokyo

Crimson Kuchisake in Ghostwire: Tokyo is a mini-boss that’s terrifying to witness. This enemy wields giant scissors and is a variant of another enemy type but with more pronounced features. The Red coat and red lipstick accent her pale, lifeless body. This choice of red also calls attention to her smile.

Her smile is probably the most terrifying part about her, as it takes up half of her head and wields a large array of mangled teeth. If players get caught by her, she’ll bring them closer to her face giving them a better look at her dead pale eyes.

6/10 Ludwig, The Accursed – Bloodborne

In Bloodborne, when the player first comes across Ludwig, The Accursed, they learn why this character flaunts such a title. This character looks like a horse and a human has been transfigured, but instead of forming some holy entity, as his Holy Blade title in the fight’s second form suggests, he’s become a monster.

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The boss has so many deformations that players can get lost in its disfigurements, trying to find where one end stops and another begins.

5/10 The Rat King – The Last Of Us Part 2

The Rat King in The Last of Us Part 2 makes for a quick chase situation where the players must quickly escape this being infected. It is reminiscent of a rat king, which is when rats’ tails get knotted, and they die. Instead of rats, it looks like mangled bodies are trapped together and infected at the same time.

At one point, the boss will split into multiple enemies and cause the player to have to deal with a slow and powerful enemy as well as a quicker but clunkier counterpart.

4/10 Maggot Melissa – Siren: Blood Curse

Maggot Melissa in Siren: Blood Curse is part of the Sam Monroe chapter. This is a Shiboto–the type of the main antagonist of this game–that is morphed into a giant maggot-like undead creature. The player will have to intelligently navigate around small hallways by being chased by this monster.

She can climb up different areas of the abandoned village and grab and toss the player onto the ground with its super strength.

3/10 Tyrant – Resident Evil

Fighting Tyrant in Resident Evil as Chris has the player dodging the Tyrant’s fast lunging attacks. The player will try to shoot it down initially, but that won’t be enough to kill this enemy, and the players will need to use something more powerful to defeat this enemy.

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The actual fight can feel a little anti-climactic as the boss is not difficult to beat, but it has the harrowing appearance of an enemy serving of the game’s final boss slot. Tyrant’s heart seems to be on the exterior of his body, and he has one engorged arm with fingers that look more like the sharp ends of a claw.

2/10 Callisto – God Of War: Ghost of Sparta

**There will be some spoilers for the PlayStation Portable game ahead**

Callisto appears as Kratos’ mom in God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Originally, Kratos approaches her as she is about to pass, but as soon as she whispers something into Kratos’ ear, she begins to morph into a horrific beast, leading to a boss fight.

Callisto grows large, and her mouth elongates while ripping open. It gives her a dreadful look reminiscent of the main enemies in Amnesia: Dark Descent but even more mutilated in its design as her limbs become distended.

1/10 Descendants – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

The Descendants in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune are the first supernatural enemies the game introduces into its story. They are people who have been infected by whatever is inside El Dorado’s shell. These enemies take more shots to kill than regular humans and will try to close in the distance on the player.

They are pale, missing their noses, have deep black eyes, and have long claws instead of hands. The Descendants are creatures that are alluded to throughout the game. They are, however, intelligently placed into the game to where they might go unnoticed by players until they show up, which creates a universe that feels much like ours with a change in its reality.

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