10 Creepiest Playstation Characters, Ranked

While there is plenty of child-friendly fare on PlayStation consoles, the platform’s mature audience allows for more scary, adult-oriented games. This means there are plenty of creepy characters who wouldn’t be out of place in horror movies etched into the minds of intrepid gamers.

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From eerily lifelike dolls to crazed clowns to mysterious shadow creatures, there’s a glut of bloodcurdling characters in PlayStation games that are positively nightmare-inducing. These characters can be incredibly realistic, with every grisly, disgusting detail on display, or else their disturbing backstories alone will be enough to send a shiver down the spine.

10/10 Polygon Man Was The Mascot Nobody Asked For

Polygon Man was a marketing character that was dropped before the release of the very first PlayStation console. Looking at him, he’s understandable. Designed to be a spokesman to talk to consumers, Polygon Man was an attempt at edginess that went awry.

His yellow eyes surrounded by black, the jagged purple spikes, and the fact that he’s a floating head resulted in a creepy, intimidating look. The former mascot appeared in one game, in 2012: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as the final boss.

9/10 Dan From MediEval Has Some Gruesome Gimmicks

Dan, full name Sir Daniel Wigginbottom Fortesque IV, is an undead former Gallowmere knight with a disproportionately small head. Dan puts his end during the battle of Gallowmere, when he was struck in the eye by the first arrow fired.

Dan has some gruesome gimmicks: for one, he can remove his left arm and use it as a weapon. He can also remove his head and attach it to a wandering hand to create a Dan-hand. The cartoonish visual style may make him a bit less spookly, but he’s still surely one of the creepiest heroes in PlayStation history.

An unhinged killer clown who drives around in an ice cream truck sounds like something from a horror movie, but Sweet Tooth is the mascot of the Twisted Metal franchise. Along with his flaming hair and giant teeth, Sweet Tooth’s maniacal laugh is one of his defining features.

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Driving around a stage and hearing that laugh echo around the streets is truly terrifying. Anyone with a fear of clowns probably steered way clear of this franchise thanks to Sweet Tooth alone. He may even have created a fear of clowns in some people.

7/10 The Tengu Demon From Ghost Of Tsushima

The Tengu Demon is a monk and the guardian of the cursed longbow of Uchitsune. When Jin picks up the longbow, the Tengu Demon appears, and the two are encircled by a large murder of crows. Jin then faces off against the monk in a duel, with red grass at their feet resembling pools of blood.

The Tengu Demon wears a red mask with a large nose, mustache, goatee, and eyebrows. This makes for a frightening appearance, such that it’s as if he really were a demon sent from the depths of hell.

6/10 Abe From Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee Is Creepy Yet Lovable

As charming as the first-ever protagonist in the Oddworld franchise is, he’s also pretty creepy. He has blue-purple skin, his lips are stitched together, and he has a topknot and two bulging yellow eyes. When the game was released back in 1997, it was refreshing to have a protagonist who wasn’t cute or good-looking, but who looked weird and farted.

For all his oddness, Abe perfectly suited the gruesome story of the game. His creepiness doesn’t stop us from sympathizing with him and his fellow Mudokon’s plight in being oppressed by the evil Glukkons.

5/10 Nightmares From God Of War Are Hideous Floating Eyeballs

These unsightly floating eyeballs from god of war are true to their name. They rise up out of the ground and can inflict status ailments such as freeze, poison, and fire. While they’re not very strong, they can pose a significant threat in numbers. The parasites have vibrant green irises and dart around with their tentacles flailing beneath them.

As well as their ghastly appearance, Nightmares give out horrifying, shudder-inducing squeals. These hideous creatures also have the power to possess other enemies and make them stronger and harder to kill.

4/10 The Doll From Bloodborne Sets The Game’s Creepy Tone

The NPC who levels up the Hunter is a doll created by Gehrman, the First Hunter. While she may look like a regular, albeit rather pale woman, when she’s remembered she’s a doll, her lifelike voice and movements take on an eerie edge.

After Gehrman became obsessed with his former apprentice, Lady Maria, he created the doll in her likeness. Considering the player interacts with the Doll frequently throughout the game, she sets the tone for the countless other creepy goings-on in Bloodborne.

3/10 The Shadow Creatures From Ico Are Unknown Entities

Shadow creatures are spiritual entities that form black pools on the ground, waiting for their time to strike. Their aim is to kidnap Yorda and take her wherever the portals lead. There are five different types of shadow creatures, from slender ones to bulky ones to those with wings.

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It’s unnerving having these otherwordly abominations lurking around, watching Ico and Yorda’s every move. They have bright white faces and no discernible facial features. The reason for the shadow creatures’ existence is not explicitly explained in Icon, and that’s what makes them so terrifying.

2/10 Clickers From The Last Of Us Have Fungal Faces

Clickers from The Last of Us resemble human beings turned inside out, with hideous fungal growths sprouting from their brains. The fungus covers their eyes and nose, so they have to rely on sound to hunt down their victims. The most defining feature of Clickers, and the reason for their name, is the sound they make.

Their creepy clicking creates sound waves that bounce off walls and allow them to orient themselves in their surroundings. They remain dormant until they hear a sound, at which point they begin hobbling and flailing their arms in the direction of the sound, which makes for some interesting enemy AI for players to combat.

1/10 Lisa From PT Is Hideously Realistic

Everything about Lisa’s design is frighteningly realistic: her bedraggled hair and bloodstained dress, the way she limps with her hands strangely positioned in front of her, and the sound of her breathing all make her seem very much like a real being. Lisa’s husband shot her when she was pregnant, and as a ghost, she’s still with the child.

The harrowing cries of her baby can be heard as she haunts the hallway. Lisa can possess the player if she enters them, and when she attacks, she gets right up close to the camera, allowing the player to see every single crevice of her pale, bloodied face.

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